Many barriers to academic success have litle to do with academics. The school environment plays an important role in every student's success. Often times, students are faced with peer pressure, bullying, and other negative behaviors that impact their ability to learn at their full potential. These challenges can also hinder success in higher education, and potentially affect productivity in the workplace.

At Avalon Center for Student Success, students receive guidance and support to navigate their academic environment with successful results. Experienced school counselors guide the group to work together to resolve issues and conflicts in positive and productive ways. Through this process, the students build self-esteem and resiliency. ACSS is not a therapeutic environment but rather an educational environment. We do not provide counseling. With a peer support network, students are encouraged to draw on their own challenges and experiences to help each other. The group will learn to recognize self-destructive behaviors and find positive solutions to facilitate growth for lifelong success.


Our professional team is comprised of guidance counselors, social workers, college advisors, and a chemical dependency counselor with more than 50 years of combined experience. This professional community will work to foster academic achievement along with social-emotional and academic growth. Our professional community will help our students to recognize their individual gifts and strengths, while learning how to overcome the barriers that get in their way. We will help them use their strengths and discover the tools that they already possess to grow into happy and healthy adults. At the same time, we will provide numerous services for them to access in order to obtain their goals.

Marybeth Costello, M.Ed, BA


Marybeth Costello has been working with children for the last 40 years.  Marybeth taught students with learning disabilities and severe emotional disabilities. For 17 years, she worked as a school guidance counselor where she helped develop student groups to meet the student’s individual needs. Students learn how to reach out to each other and work together to resolve and conquer school issues.  They then learn how to apply the process and concepts to real life issues.  This process will help guide them throughout their life.  Marybeth also worked for a non-profit group to help students go to college by providing college advising, financial aid assistance, scholarships and award letter counseling.

Bonnie Simonelli, LICDC-S, M.Ed, MSCE, BSW

For as long as Bonnie can remember, she has wanted to work with young people because the adolescent years are filled with great challenges and opportunities. Bonnie believes that each challenge can promote growth and each opportunity can promote insight. Bonnie is a Licensed School Counselor and a Licensed Independent Chemical Dependency Counselor, with over 25 years of experience in schools and in the community. Bonnie's strengths are in her ability to develop and maintain positive and supportive relationships with the young people she works with. Bonnie's mission is to foster academic achievement, along with postitive social/emotional health by supporting students to become resilient and help them to recognize their individual gifts and strengths while learning how to overcome the barriers that can get in their way.

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